Friday, November 16, 2007

Yay, Griffin!

Finally, a little video clip of sweet Griffin, showing off his walking skills. He's made great strides each day, and today, he did more walking than he did crawling, so I think he is officially a walker now (sniff, sniff!). This past year has gone by much too quickly, and I'm just not ready to be done with babies. Griffie is, however - - he wants to be a big boy and isn't going to let anything stop him now!

The boys and I had a busy day of errands, topped off by our car breaking down in the parking lot of the new Dollar Store here in town. Of course, since we were "just" making a quick trip to the store, the boys only had fleece vests on (I wasn't wearing a coat), it was dark, raining, I didn't have a stroller with me, and of course, the emergency box that is supposed to be in the back of the car, was on the shelf in the garage. Oh, and it was dinner time, and Griffin knew it. AND, Steve was at drill weekend. I called the few people I know locally, but nobody answered. I'm feeling very thankful for the extremely kind stranger in the parking lot, who asked me if I needed help, then proceeded to obtain jumper cables from another kind stranger, jump-started my car, and sent us on our way. I'm glad I thought to back the car into the driveway, because the battery is dead as a doornail, so I'll need another jump tomorrow, to get it down to the auto shop. Ugh. I thoroughly dislike dealing with cars. I suppose that is what I will be doing tomorrow, though.

Camden and I are having a slumber party tonight, since Steve is away. We are currently snuggled up in my bed, watching the live action version of "Charlotte's Web", and eating popcorn. And, yes - - I am composing this post on my fancy new laptop, wireless and all. Pure bliss!


Cheryl said...

What a cute video of Griffin walking! It is a bittersweet feeling isn't it?

Aunt Jean said...

Wel,l my word, Little Griffin Peter, that is some classy walking you're doing! I can see why it causes your mom a little pain in her heart to see that you're such a big boy now.

Love, Aunt Jean

Lisa said...

Look at that proud look on his sweet face! It's hard to be anything but happy for him even though it really does break a mother's heart to see her baby growing up!
And how about that wireless laptop, eh? How did you ever live without it!!!

Mum said...

This is the sweetest video. I love how Griffin lunges at the camera, and I can hear him breathing! Not only is he growing up, but look at Camden in the background -- I can't believe he's tall enough to wash his hands without standing on a stool!

Joy said...

I almost cried watching Griffin's video!!! Time is passing much to fast. I love that last smile of accomplishment on has face.

Sorry you broke down - you know you can call me ANYTIME!!! I have two strapping strong young boys, one of which drives!!!

How could you not enjoy the wireless? WOOT!

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