Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Computer Detox

Seriously, I might lose my mind. I cannot stand this! I just finished story time, so I am once again at the library, frantically squeezing in a blog post before I run Camden home to feed him lunch, and then head back out the door to get him to preschool. I did lots of hand-wringing yesterday, wondering how I would possibly survive without my computer. Today I am going to call my local internet place and see if they have a computer whiz that can take a look the hard drive. Unfortunatley, now I'm mad at my desktop for pooping out on me, so I've convinced myself that what I need now is a laptop, and wireless internet. In all seriousness, I use a computer A LOT, and with two little ones running around, a laptop with wireless would be SO convenient. As my friend Kirsten suggested, I'm going to check out Craigslist and see what I can come up with. In the meantime, be prepared for photo-less posts, peppered with lots of whining.


Lisa said...

Think of it this way...At least you're not having any trouble coming up with something to blog about! Seriously, a laptop with wireless is the ONLY way to go!!

Joy said...

I love love love my wireless laptop!!! You're right - this is our link to the outside world. I'll call you tomorrow (Fri) and update you since I doubt you're reading others blogs from the library. :( Poor thing! Seriously.

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