Saturday, November 03, 2007

The Joys of the Batter Bowl

So. While I was in Maine, I fell in love with this batter bowl, after Jen pointed it out to me at Stonewall Kitchen. However, I immediately thought what a pain it would be to try and get it back to Idaho without breaking it. What's the big deal about a batter bowl, you ask? (Or, if you are married to me, you are more likely to be asking, "Why do you think you need another bowl? You already have at least 6 or 7!!) I think it would be perfect for making pancakes (I make a lot of pancakes, people), as the spout and handle would make the job so much more efficient. It is just a good idea. Furthermore, since I do the majority of cooking and dish-washing in this house, I've decided to just go ahead and embrace my love for all things cooking, end of story. That includes cookbooks, spatulas, bowls, gadgets, etc. SO...I continued to daydream about the Stonewall Kitchen batter bowl, until I saw my Aunt Jean's melamine batter bowl. Lovely. Lightweight. Much less likely to break. I asked her where she got it, and of course, like any woman who knows ANYTHING about good shopping, she replied, "TJ Maxx". By the way, if you haven't experienced the joys of TJ Maxx, then please, drop what you are doing, get in your car, and drive yourself to the nearest TJ Maxx location. Earlier this week, Mum and I visited the Brunswick TJ Maxx, and I was hoping to find myself a nice, melamine batter bowl. They didn't have any, but on the Halloween clearance rack, they had this:

Yes, it is purple and has bats on it, but it is melamine, and it only cost $2.00! And that, my friends, is my batter bowl story.


Aunt Jean said...

What you have there, Heather, is a batty batter bowl. I know you'll get many hours of culinary enjoyment from it. But how, may I ask, did you manage to get it into your luggage to take to Idaho????

Heather said...

I had a small bag in which I was carrying home some "story time critters" that I aquired in Maine. At the last minute, I realized I could stuff one of them into the batter bowl, and put the batter bowl into the bag! Viola!

Lee said...

I make chocolate chip pancakes far more often than I like (given that I am not the cooking enthusiast that you are!)and I couldn't do it without my bowl with the handle and spout -- this is an essential in my kitchen! So WONDERFUL to be able to hug you and the boys in person, glad you had such a nice long visit! Hugs to all. Love, Lee

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