Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I've been attempting to get a photo of the boys together for our Christmas card, but it is so hard! When one is looking at the camera, the other isn't, when one is sitting, the other isn't, etc.. So, we'll see what I can come up with in the next couple of days. I swear, they are so silly with each other.

Steve was supposed to be home from his trip tomorrow evening, but he just now called and will be home tonight - - yay! There's a storm rolling in, and he wanted to avoid that, obviously.

I'm hoping to finish up my Christmas shopping this weekend and I hope I can do it! I got a great deal on a play kitchen for the boys today and I am so excited about it. Camden just loves the play kitchen at school, and I know he and Griffin will get lots of enjoyment out of having one of their own.

I've got one boy in the tub, and one fussing in my lap, so I must run!


kirsten said...

Great photos! boys are adorable-I got the kids a kitchen around griffin's age and they LOVE it - play with it constantly

Cheryl said...

Both photos of the boys outdoors were great--they looked as if they were having a great time!

Aunt Jean said...

Cute pictures of the boys, Heather! I found that when I tried to photograph them in October, I'd be looking through the lens, ready to click the button, and realize one of them, if not both, had completely vanished. They're shifty, those two. You did well!

Jen said...

Those pictures are so cute. Isn't it fun that Griffin is getting to the age where he and Camden can actually play together?
I got Leah a kitchen last Christmas. She still plays with it, but Alex has completely taken it over. We got some play food and little bowls and pots and pans, so it really keeps him busy.

Joy said...

I love seeing your boys together! I hope my two little ones are like that next year!!! I think the pictures are great!

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