Friday, November 09, 2007

Sitting in the Dark Library...

Today, I opted to wait until the library was closed, before coming down here to use the computer (one of the perks of having a key to the building!). I'm so glad I waited. Much more relaxing, not having a bunch of strangers packed in around me, breathing down my neck as they wait for a computer. Lots to blog about, but my brain is too fried to really organize my thoughts, so I think I'll just start spewing forth:

1. What, pray tell, should I make of this?
Yesterday evening, husband arrives home from work:

Husband: "Did you see Oprah today - - it was on at the gym while I was working out."
Me: "Yes, I did...why?"
Husband: "No reason, just wondering."

FYI, the topic of the show was "How to Look Great at Any Age", but, if you watched the whole show, you'd know that the topic was, more specifically, Dressing Age-Appropriately, and, Stay-at-Home Moms Who Have Let Themselves Go. Hmmmmmm. Interesting.

2. Attempted to go to Boise today, to do a few quick errands. Intended to be home before lunch time. Very constipated one-year-old son begans screaming and thrashing in the back seat. After some stunt driving, I end up doing a "poop-ectomy" (don't ask) in the parking lot of the Boise Co-Op. Crisis averted, or so I thought. We get in the store, when 4-year-old son suddenly declares that he "has to poop, NOW!" We rush to the rest room, where I am not about to put my baby on the floor, but have to help 4-year-old onto the potty. Twenty pounds under one arm, 40 pounds under the other, both squirming to beat the band. 4-year-old decides that he cannot, in fact, "take care of business" on this particular potty, but that he needs a potty, NOW. So, back in the car we go, where we proceed to drive to Steve's office, which is completely out of the way, but 4-year-old assures me that "Daddy's army work potty" is the only potty he can use.

3. Next, onto Target (finally!!). Let me first remind you that I am the lone female in a house full of gross boys. There have been occasions where, certain males, who shall remain nameless, might perhaps "break wind" and then say to each other, "Who stepped on a duck?" and then giggle and tee-hee like a couple of idiots. Well, while I was carefully reading lables in the cleaning products isle, my 4-year-old exclaims at the top of his lungs, "MUMMY! I HOPE YOU DON'T STEP ON ANY DUCKS IN TARGET TODAY!!!!" Um, yeah, he really did say that, and yes, there were other shoppers nearby. No, my son is not ill-mannered hooligan, but yes, he remembers everything he hears, and usually repeats it. Let me just also say that he is famous for saying really embarrassing things to me, whenever we are locked in a bathroom stall together in public.

4. My home computer is still fried, my laptop won't be here for another week or so, but darn it, I am still blogging every day! I cannot wait to be able to post some photos again, because these photo-less posts are driving me batty.

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Jen said...

First of all, I think you look pretty darn great, especially with that styling haircut. So don't get any ideas!
Second, that post had me laughing so hard. I'm sorry to say I know what a poop-ectomy is.
I love reading your blog everyday. You should do NaBloPoMo every month!

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