Saturday, December 01, 2007

Griffin's Step Stool

Griffin loves his Rubbermaid step stool. It helps him get into even more mischief than he otherwise would, because, you see, being of such short stature can put you at quite a disadvantage at times.

As you can see, the step stool made it much easier for Griffin to pull all of the drawers out of the advent calendar, and throw them onto the floor.

Today, Griffin discovered that his step stool could give him access to the after-lunch crumbs in his highchair, which he proceeded to eat. About three hours after lunch. Ick.


Aunt Jean said...

Looks like Griffin and his step stool will have plenty of exploits together, Heather. Brace yourself! Cute pictures, though.

Heather said...

Some of you have been worried about Griffin's safety, and, I assure you, he is well-watched. However, after having been through Camden, I've also realized that this fearlessness on Griffin's part is a boy thing, and unfortunately he gets some bumps and bruises along the way...

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