Thursday, December 06, 2007

A Dog Can Only Hold His Bladder for So Long, You Know

Can I just tell you that it has been one of those days? I didn't think it had been, but apparently, it has. We were as busy as we normally are - - music class this morning, rush home and fix lunch, turn around and head back out to get Camden to preschool, come back home, Griffin went down for a nap while I did dishes and picked up various messes, payed some bills, woke Griffin up, picked Camden up from school, went to the grocery store, back home and began dinner prep, Steve comes home briefly for a bite to eat and then back out the door for an Army meeting in Caldwell, get the boys in the bathtub, brush teeth, read stories...phew! Sometime after dinner, Riley is pacing wildly, making me crazy. I asked Camden if he'd fed Riley, Camden says no, so I stupidly keep telling the dog, "just a minute...I'll feed you in a minute..." Then, in my head I tell myself that Riley must also be going nuts because of the meatloaf, cooling on the counter top. He has a bit of a begging problem, you could say. Just a few moments ago, the boys and I were in their room, putting books away when I hear a strange noise, only to look up and see Riley, lifting his leg on the dust ruffle on Griffin's crib. No, it isn't as simple as a peed-on dust ruffle. You see, Riley started peeing somewhere out in the living room, and seems to have turned cartwheels while peeing all the way down the hall, and capped it off by lifting his leg on the crib, right next to where I was sitting, of course, as if saying, "Up yours, lady!" Mind you, all of this was on carpeted floor, so now, although I feel quite confident that I've soaked it all up, I'll be compelled to rent a carpet cleaner this weekend, because, ew, that is just disgusting. Last, but not least, I have nobody to blame but myself, because in all the craziness, I cannot tell you the last time I let the poor dog out today.


Aunt Jean said...

Poor Riley. He tried and tried to tell you! Remember when Murph had a similar "embarrassment" when you were visiting us several years ago?

Heather said...

Oh my goodness...I'd forgotten all about that!

Lisa said...

I'm sure that was NOT a fun way to spend an evening! I'm here to tell you however that there are MUCH worse things to clean up...I'll leave it at that. I bet Riley gets let out EXTRA times today! On the bright side, you'll have freshly cleaned carpets!

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