Monday, December 10, 2007

Another Book-Lover is Born

I have been waiting patiently for this...waiting for Griffin to begin to really take an interest in books, and it finally seems to have happened over the weekend. Camden was about the same age when it happened for him - - Steve was home on a brief leave before he left for Iraq, and Camden insisted that Steve read Dinosaurumpus to him, over and over and over. That began Camden's love affair with books. The kid will sit for over an hour at times, in his little chair in his bedroom, looking at book after book. Now, Griffin. He sat patiently (for the first time) two nights ago, and listened, and then he did it again last night. Bedtime stories have always been Steve's thing - - it is his special time with Camden every night, and now Griffin will get to join in. So far, Camden doesn't seem to mind...we'll see how long that lasts!

Earlier this morning, I happened upon the boys in the hallway, each with a book. Unfortunately, Griffin spied my camera, and the moment was over in a flash - no pun intended (he's currently obsessed with my camera and loves to put it on top of his head and "take pictures").

This past weekend was a busy one - - filled with baking, playing, chores, and fondue. Yes, fondue. Last night, Kasey and Banzer came for a visit, and while the boys ate pizza, Steve, Kasey, and I had Beer & Cheese fondue, followed by assorted meat & seafood on the tabletop grill, and ending with a dark chocolate fondue with angle food cake for dipping. I don't know why I don't drag out the old fondue pot more is so much fun.


Aunt Jean said...

Great photo of your three boys enjoying their book, Heather.

Mum said...

I LOVE these pictures of the boys! I can see the deep concentration on both their faces!

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