Saturday, March 31, 2007


As of this past Thursday, Steve has now been home from Iraq for the same amount of time that he was gone (he came home October 29, 2005). It is kind of odd to think about it like that, because so much has happened since he came back - - he's been promoted, started a new job, we bought a new house, I quit my job, was pregnant, had a baby (who is now 6 months old)...sometimes I forget just how long he was in Iraq. If any of you watched the Today show on Friday, you may have seen the clip of the six-year-old boy being surprised by his father in the middle of his kindergarten class - - his father had just gotten back from Iraq and the little boy didn't know he was coming - - his reaction was such a tear-jerker. At this point, Camden doesn't even remember that Steve was ever gone, and I am so thankful for that. Steve and I were talking recently about how his deployment happened just at the right time, because Camden had just turned one. If he were deployed now, I don't know how Camden would handle it - - Steve is everything to him. It bothers him when Steve isn't home (Steve has drill this weekend, and sure enough, Camden climbed in bed with me around 11:30 last night). He loves his Daddy so much, and with good reason. Steve is the most wonderfully loving and devoted father to his boys. There aren't words that can adequately convey what I am talking about - - suffice to say, the man loves his children, and even though he works ridiculous hours, he always has time for them. Steve and his boys, this past Friday, when we met him on base for lunch
The boys and I have a couple of tricks up our sleeves tomorrow, as it is Steve's 39th birthday (yes, Steve is an April Fool). We won't be picking him up from drill until late afternoon unfortunately, but we'll make sure to have plenty of fun tomorrow night.

Earlier this evening, my sister-in-law Kasey and nephew Banzer came for a visit. Banzer will be turning one soon, and I won't be surprised if he is walking before then. He has great balance and is cruising the furniture like nobody's business. Must get to bed! I'll close with a couple more pictures:

Griffin, showing off his sippy-cup-holding and sipping skills
Sweet Banzer


Joy said...

I'm so glad Steve is home. I love the pictures with him and the boys.

Happy Spring, Heather.

kirsten said...

Steve sounds like a great dad! And I'm so glad for all of you that he is home. I am also impressed with Griffin holding a sippy cup! Wow (it was like 10 months I think when my two did that).

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