Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Mom School 2012

Mom School 2012 kicked off yesterday. Last year, I used Scholastic workbooks, which I really liked. This year, I decided to go with Summer Bridge Activities books, and I am so glad I did - - they are fabulous! The books have three sections, with 20 worksheets each. Each worksheet covers more than one subject, which I think holds their interest better. These particular workbooks also put some focus on physical fitness and character, which I just love. Like last year, we are going to have "school" every weekday morning at 9:00. We are also incorporating myOn.com into this time, to make sure both boys get their reading practice in every day.

Last year, the boys would fill a sticker chart each week, and at the end of the week they got to choose a dollar store prize from my prize box at the end of each week. This year, the boys chose instead to forgo the weekly little prizes, and instead will earn a trip to Build-a-Bear Workshop at the end of the summer, when they have completed all of their work  - - something they have both wanted to do for a very long time.

We will certainly have days where Mom School will be met with groans and protest, but for the most part the boys enjoy it, and I do, too. I'd like to think that it helps keep them on track and helps them to start the school year off more smoothly. Don't worry, we definitely have lots of time for summer time fun, too!


Nicky said...

Lots of cool stuff planned! And I love the idea of weekly incentives, that's very cute. Plus I love the idea of Build-A-Bear at the end of it all - can't wait for that post! I love looking in that store!

Emily said...

It all sounds great. I can't wait to hear about their progress over the summer. Just wondering...Do you call it Mom School even with the boys, or just here on your post?

Heather said...

They call it Mom School, Emily. I don't really remember how it started, if Cam called it that first or if I did. Anyway, it stuck, so Mom School it is!

Melissa said...

My girls are big readers, so I'm glad for that - but I do have to nudge them to work on some math problems to keep them sharp. Math is a bit of a thorn in their sides!

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