Thursday, June 07, 2012

An Update on Our Girls

Our beloved Bertie moved out this past Sunday. He went to live on a lovely little farm nearby, where he can crow his little rooster lungs out, and lord over eleven lovely hens. We were sad to see him go, but it had to happen, and it was just in the nick of time. He went from a couple of weak crows in the morning, to crowing whenever he felt like it. He was also getting a little bossy with the girls. We had the opportunity to replace him with a new hen, but in the end, the boys decided that they wanted to stick with the three we already have. A good choice, I think!

Stella, Nan, and Butterscotch have adjusted seamlessly. I dare say, they are even more laid back than they were before Bertie left. We have been spending lots of time with them. Griffin tells me that now that Bertie is gone, Stella is his new "best chicken".

The girls love a nice spinach and watermelon salad for a treat. I let them have time to free range during the day, but I need to clip their flight wings before I let them do too much more of that. They are slippery little suckers once they are loose!

So life is good here on our little urban farm. Can't wait for egg production to begin, probably sometime in September, I'm guessing.


Nicky said...

What a cute update :) Glad to hear that Bertie's exodus was peaceful, and that the girls are readjusting to life without him. Love Griffin's comment!

Kate D. said...

I love their color.

Emily said...

Love the coop. All looks great!

Jen F. said...

Thanks for the update on the ladies! Glad everyone is adjusting to Bertie's absence. I'm sure he's loving life being the king over at the new place.

Can you imagine how excited the boys will be when they see the first egg?

Melissa said...

Your coop is so darn pretty!!

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