Monday, June 25, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up

Camden decided not to have a birthday party this year, but instead, have his best friend Treyson come over for a "Best Friends Day". They requested a birthday cake that looked like a yellow Lego brick, and they wanted to make their own pizzas, which they did. They also did some swimming and lots and lots of Lego-ing!

On Friday night we had a lovely dinner with our good friends across the alley, who are, unfortunately for us, moving to Boise. We will miss them so much!
My live-in handyman made the girls' day when he reparied their coop ramp.

I was very happy to pack (and use) my retro overnight bags for a much-needed getaway to Boise with Steve!

We stayed at the super-cool Modern Hotel in the linen district. Fabulous food and even better company!


Kate D. said...

Declans all about that Lego cake. He reminded me about my failed attempt at one. I'm glad you and Steve had a good time.

Cheryl said...

What fun for the birthday boy! And how neat that you have a live-in handyman! Very nice photo of you Heather.

Emily said...

Loved the cake. Way-to-go! And, your retro suitcase...I confess that I got one of those at a vintage shop, too. I think that I used it one time (for the get-away on our wedding night) and then it was not practical for any of the travel that I commonly do. I'm thrilled to see you using something similar! Enjoy! Glad that you got away!

DustiMc said...

Cute bags! And I love, love love that Camden didn't want an elaborate "all about me" birthday.
I saw your FB post about a weekend away and was inspired. My inlaws will be here for 6 weeks and I decided my husband and I will have a date night if not an overnighter. Glad you guys enjoyed yourselves. :)

Nicky said...

Another great cake! You are so talented, Heather. I like Camden's idea of a Best Friends Day too, that's neat! Hope you had a fabulous getaway with your live-in handyman!

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