Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Lovely Summer Day

Camden still loves to snuggle with Nana

Dinner al fresco...my favorite!

Bucket of boys

Monday was such a nice day. The weather is on the upswing once again, after a terribly cold week last week. I am going to enjoy this week for all it is worth, because next week it is supposed to be in the mid-90's and we will all be complaining that it is too hot!

I had hoped to get more accomplished on my to-do list yesterday, but there is always today and perhaps I will get caught up. We are loving that my parents are here in Idaho, spending time at their new little house, just a 5 minute walk from our house. They have done so much to it in the short time they have been here. I am looking forward to writing a blog post about it, once it is ready for the Big Reveal. Mostly I just like knowing that we can see them whenever we want to - - that after dinner we can hop on our bikes and ride over to their house if we feel like it. It makes me happy that the boys can be with them - - they love Nana and Papa and they are so lucky to have this time with them.

Last night Mum and Dad came over for dinner on the patio and it was such an enjoyable evening. The temperature was perfect, the company was great -- what more can you ask for?

Steve is in Arkansas this week for work. We will be glad when he comes home because he won't have to do any traveling for a while. The Cherry Festival begins on Wednesday so the boys are beside themselves with excitement. I really do love this time of year. Just wish summer would slow down a little already - - it seems like it is speeding by!


Nicky said...

Oh how lovely that your folks now have a place near you! Can't wait to hear more when it's ready for the big reveal. Looking forward to hearing more about the Cherry Festival too, that sounds wonderful.

Emily said...

It all sounds wonderful, Heather. The pics say it all, too! I agree. Summer is whipping by!

Cheryl said...

Sounds like a perfect summer to me!

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