Sunday, June 03, 2012

Cub Scout Day Camp 2012

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of taking Camden and one of my other Cub Scouts, Patrick, to Cub Scout Day Camp. We had so much fun! My mom came along as my other Walking Leader, and it was great to get to spend the day with her. Thanks for you help, Mum! The theme of this year's camp was "Quest for Excalibur!", and there were so many great activities!

Here are the boys at their first station, which was "Storming the Castle". They made catapults, which they got to take home.

The second station was kickball, which didn't seem to be overly popular! It was pretty darn hot out, and I think most of these boys must play baseball. Kickball's rules are almost opposite of baseball (no stealing base, no sliding, no throwing people out), so everyone seemed kind of confused by the whole thing.

Next came Heraldry, where the boys designed their own shields for battle. Camden loved this activity because he loves to draw.

As you can imagine, Archery was high on everyone's list. Camden and Patrick did a great job, although Camden did inform me that it was harder than it might have looked!

This station was called "DaVinci's Workshop", which was simple machines. Camden told me that this one was one of his most favorite. The boys tried using pulleys and levers and different methods of lifting heavy objects. My mom and I got a kick out of how intently Cam payed attention to the presentation!

This station was called "Squire Training" and it was Patrick's favorite. It was a really neat medieval obstacle course.

Next came "Leather", where the boys got to do some stamping on a small piece of leather. They also got to try their hand at calligraphy, using a quill pen at this station.

This station was called "Page Academy" and the boys got to try different Minute-to-Win-It type games.

Last but certainly not least, BB Gun Shooting. Camden was thrilled about this one, and he had pretty good aim!

We had a great time, earned lots of achievements for the coming year of Scouting, and I am quite sure we will be participating again next year!


Emily said...

Loved all of the pictures. Looks like it was a great day for everyone!

Nicky said...

Oh what a cool day out! That looks like it was fabulous fun - love the archery station!

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