Thursday, July 28, 2011

Mom School

The boys and I have been loving these Summer Express books from Scholastic this summer! All three of us do much better when we have structure to our days, so I decided that part of our summer structure this year would be "Mom School". Every morning at 9:00, the boys sit down and tackle a new worksheet for the day. The books are geared for "between" grades, so Camden is working on the "between 2nd and 3rd grade" book, while Griff has the "pre-K and Kindergarten" book. Each week has a corresponding sticker chart where they track their completed worksheets, along with their daily reading goals. I can't recommend these workbooks enough ~ they are wonderful.

My mother found some great books in the dollar section at Target ~ Junior Classics for Young Readers ~ she picked some up for Camden and so far he's read White Fang and Pinocchio. He loves these books and I hope I can come across some more titles for him. He has a reading goal of 30 minutes each day, but he usually averages at least 1.5 hours ~ I'm so proud of my little reader! Griffin's reading goal consists of him looking at books on his own, as well as me reading to him.

I'm hoping that our extra work this summer will have both boys in good shape at the start of the school year. It has been a lot of fun for all of us, and I definitely plan to do the same thing next summer.


Emily said...

Sounds excellent! We did something similar with my step-daughter when she was in later elementary and middle school. Usually it was fun (even if there was some resistance at that age!). Good for all of you!

Nicky said...

Wow, your boys are so good! Reading is so undervalued these days - I feel that the digital age has destroyed it. So lovely that your guys seem to enjoy real books! You've clearly socialized them so well - they'll end up making two very lucky ladies very happy :) (provided you ever let them date, LOL!)

Roberta said...

You should have printed Griffin's comment about returning to preschool after attending Mom School. What was it again? I was able to get The Call of the Wild at our Target today.

Heather said...

Well one time he said he wished he would get "fired" from his preschool so he could just go to Mom School. Yesterday, he told me that when he goes back to preschool he's going to "blow Miss Sharon's mind", referring to all of his Mom School accomplishments! That Griffer! :)

Christine Seavey said...

Heather- I love reading your posts...but I feel like such a slacker!

You actually do all the things I think I ought to (then you even have time to write about them!) Majorly jealous!

Joy said...

We started out the summer doing really well with things like this but as the summer progressed I guess I de-gressed and all we do now is read.

I need to check into these Junior Reader's.... they are 2nd-3rd grade level or is Cam reading super well for his grade?

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