Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Small Town Excitement

Big excitement last night, when my neighbor's gigantic tree just up and fell over - - snapped off at the base. Turns out it was so rotten on the inside that it kind of shattered in spots when it hit the ground. It fell clear across the road and into another neighbors' yard. This happened a little after 10 at night, which was a blessing in disguise because typically the street that it fell across is full of kids riding bicycles after dinner time. It made a tremendous sound when it fell, which brought people out of their houses, up and down the block. Can you tell I live in a small town?

 The boys found the whole thing very exciting. We were about to get in the pool this afternoon when Camden heard a very loud noise and exclaimed, "That sounds like a wood chipper! We have to go and see!" So off we went, where the boys proceeded to sit on the sidewalk and watch the wood chipper do its thing for over 20 minutes, just like it was a television. Love those two!

In other news, we are loving the Summer Reading Program at our local library this summer. The theme is "Summer Science". Yesterday was "CSI and Police Science". We got to meet Dakota, our little city's police dog. He is a border collie mix and he is the neatest dog ever. It was fun to see him demonstrate how he does his job.

The Cherry Festival kicked off today. We did a little exploring and decided what we want to do when we go on Friday. The boys are anxious to go on rides, play some games, and eat some carnival food. I really love this time of year. I myself am looking forward to the Cherry Bake-off on Saturday. Here's hoping my recipes will be winners!


Nicky said...

Lots of excitement! So funny how the boys sat watching the wood chipper! Endless entertainment......And I love the summer science event too. Sounds like your boys have plenty of fun things going on right now!

Emily said...
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Emily said...

Love this post. So sweet. Good luck at the Cherry Festival. I am sure that all of your recipes are winners, even if any one else dares to disagree! xo

Cheryl said...

Oh my word! The photo of the boys sitting (I imagine in complete bliss!) and watching the removal of the tree is cute. I imagine that must have made their day! I noticed that where the pavement ends and the grassy area next to the sidewalk is is that it looks to be covered with tiny rocks. Very ununsual looking but neat.

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