Thursday, August 16, 2007

Baking Fest

I do love to bake. I was feeling extra-ambitious today, and managed to churn out a loaf of honey wheat bread, two loaves of zucchini bread, and a big batch of banana-cinnamon pancakes (some with mini chocolate chips, for my sweet Camden) for my boys. I like to make up a bunch of pancakes ahead of time and freeze them, because then I can just pop them in the toaster in the morning and it makes things so much easier. While my parents were here, my Mom made 9 meals-worth of her delicious spaghetti sauce, which is now in my freezer, ready for an easy dinner. I'm thinking that over the weekend I'll make up and freeze a big batch of meatballs. I like having some things pre-made and frozen because sometimes the day escapes me for whatever reason, and it is hard to pull dinner together at the last minute.

The boys are asleep and I hope to be sleeping soon, too. First, as promised, here are some photos from when my parents were here. My mother took most of these...thanks for sharing, Mum!
Sweet Camden

Oh, how I love my boys...


A kiss on the cheek from Nana

Banzer and Griffin at the Capital City Farmer's Market

Riley, mourning Sadie, while simultaneously wondering if he himself has died and gone to heaven, since the last time he was allowed on the bed was sometime back in 2001

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Auntie J said...

Your baking looks absolutely delicious, Heather. I should try making ahead some pancakes. Uncle Ken would be delirious with joy, I'm sure. Do you have my Make-ahead Meatballs recipe? It makes the chore so much easier: 4 lbs. of hamburg...and bake them rather than fry them. Cute pictures of the boys. Can't wait to see them. Love, Aunt Jean

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