Monday, November 05, 2012

The Little Free Library: A Neat Idea

I recently read an intriguing article about an amazing movement - - The Little Free Library. The idea behind it is really simple. Create a small structure with a door that can house some books. Attach it to a post and put it in your yard along with a sign that says, 'Take a book, leave a book'. Essentially, a book exchange. In your own yard!

I love sharing books, and I have a couple of friends who do this with me regularly.  I am one of those people who struggle with electronic readers - - I know they are the way of the world now, but nobody will ever convince me that a actual book, can be replaced.


I also know how important it is to have books in the home. They are so important in promoting early literacy. The sad fact is, many homes do not have books. If parents don't model reading for their children, or if they do not have books for them, it is all the more difficult to spark an interest.


Right now I am trying to figure out how I might be able to have my own Little Free Library. While paring down my own book collection over the weekend, I even stashed a pile of books I no longer want, thinking that maybe I could really make it happen. For more information, visit The Little Free Library's website. Lots of great pictures of the over 2,500 Little Free Libraries in this country (and around the world!).


Emily said...

I can't wait to see your future Heather's Free Library - Take One-Leave One. It will look great in your yard! Keep us posted on your progress. And, you're definitely right - research shows that children who *see* their parents reading are more likely to read themselves!. All good.

Kate D. said...

I love this idea. There is nothing I love more than a pile of free books. Plus I agree about the Kindles. I will never allow one in the house,

Heather said...

Emily and Kate, I can totally see each of you having one of these in your yard. I am obsession over this idea...I hope I can figure out a way to do it!

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