Thursday, November 01, 2012

November Challenge

My dear friend Kate challenged me to blog every day during the month of November last night via text message, and of course I thought, "Sure, I can do that...I haven't updated my blog in nearly three months!"  I have, however, been looking for a kick in the pants to get back into the habit of blogging, so I will commit to it!

Our household has been very, very busy since mid-August, and I have had more than enough to write about, but just haven't felt like it. I have missed it though.

Hard to believe it is November 1st already. This year is nearly over with and I am really not liking how quickly time has been passing by. Life is short! Just yesterday, Griffin asked, "Mom, how old do Cam and I have to be to go trick-or-treating without grown-ups?" Really?? Already you are asking this, 6-year-old child? I am already guessing that in about 2 years or so, Camden will start thinking his parents aren't so great. Just not ready for this yet.

Be prepared for a wide variety of topics this month.


Jen Cantrell said...

welcome back!

Kate D. said...

I'm feeling stumped already but its worth it to have you back. Never go 3 months again because I feel too cut off from Idaho.

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