Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving Change of Plans

Yesterday started off just as I thought it probably would - - fire blazing in the fire place, kids playing, and I was busy in the kitchen, finishing up things for our Thanksgiving dinner. Steve took the boys down to the river to throw rocks into the water (something they STILL love doing), and then they came back for snacks and to grab their scooters so they could head to the skateboard park and do some scooting. When they came back from that, Steve mentioned that he felt like he was coming down with a chest cold, and I remarked that his voice sounded funny.

 Within about an hour of that conversation, he was running a high fever and was all bundled up and shivering. Poor man! He pretty much stayed in the basement for the rest of the day (this is where all sick people go in our house...kinda like quarantine!), but claimed he would be up for dinner. Around 5 p.m. everything was ready, and Steve appeared - - even put on a nice sweater for the occasion. He made it through about half of his plate but then had to go lay down and sure enough he was burning up again. I felt so bad for him, one, because it stinks to be sick, and two, because I suspect he dragged himself to the table to be nice, because he knew how much time I'd put into dinner. It was very sweet of him, but the food will keep and hopefully tonight we can enjoy it. Mostly I was just glad to have him here. He has been gone for three out of eleven Thanksgivings since we were married, and I definitely like it better when he's here, sick or not.

When I woke up this morning I snuck downstairs to check on him, and no fever, so we will see what today brings. Now if the little boys and I can just avoid a fever, we'll be in good shape.

I will admit that when Steve announced he would sleep downstairs last night, I had visions of being able to sprawl out in our bed. It was not to be, however, because Roy and Smokey got wind of this and, while Smokey minded her manners, Roy and all of his nearly 15 lbs. made it mostly impossible for me to move at all last night. He likes to snuggle and he makes no apologies for it. I did manage to squeeze in an episode of Grey's Anatomy on Netflix before turning in though, so all was not lost!


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