Sunday, November 11, 2012

Chicken Mystery: Solved

The weather has grown colder in the past couple of weeks, going from around 70 during the day to down around 40. My girls aren't enjoying this recent change, and their egg production has dropped accordingly. Stella, one of my Buff Orpingtons, completely stopped laying. I was concerned for her until I read that some chickens just "take a break" from laying when the weather cools down. We had a couple of warmer days in the middle of all of this coldness, and lo and behold, she produced a couple of eggs.
Last night, it was bitter cold, and when I let the girls out of their coop this morning, Stella immediately disappeared. I searched the yard high and low but could not find her. Finally, camouflaged by fallen leaves, I found her behind a bush that grows up against our fence. Clearly, she was 'on the nest', so I left her alone. Later, when she announced that she had produced an egg, I went to retrieve it. To my surprise, I found not one egg, but SIX. She is my chicken that prefers to lay eggs in different spots in the yard, rather than in the nesting boxes, like everyone else! Apparently, while I thought she was taking a break, she was laying all along.

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Kate D. said...

Okay-How does the chicken announce shes laid in egg?

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