Thursday, November 08, 2012

School Days

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I spend an hour at Camden and Griffin's school, helping in Camden's classroom. Camden's teacher asked me at the beginning of the year if I could help her with some clerical-type things, and I was glad to have the opportunity. So far, I've spent my time doing lots of little jobs that she just doesn't have the time to do. The best part is, I get a chance to see Camden's class in action. I am continuously amazed at how different elementary school is, from when I was in the fourth grade! I cannot get over the technology that the students have access to, and how it fits so nicely into their school day.
Sometimes Camden will wave to me when I first get there, and that is about the extent of our interaction. Then, there are days like today, when he comes over to where I am sitting and hugs me. Today he did that five different times. I know one day he will be mortified if I show up in his classroom, so for now I am enjoying ever single minute of it!

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Emily said...

I loved volunteering in Dorothy's classrooms when she was in elementary school. I'm glad that you are able and welcomed. I think that kids and parents are a little different today than when we were kids. I see lots of college students who *love* hanging out with their parents and always have loved it. Camden may always be glad to have you show up. But, you are still right. Enjoy it now in case the opportunity does go away!

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