Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Some Signs of Spring


Tulips popping up!

Digging in the dirt

Bike riding

Getting ready to "untuck" the the Sweet Dream for the season
Today, unfortunately, is dark, rainy, and dreary. I just know that spring is coming, though. Just wish we could skip all this rain and get right to the good stuff!


Susan said...

Same here. Dreary and drizzly but showers bring May flowers so, keep the faith. How about your cherry trees? Are they in blossom yet. Our Bradford pears are spectacular.

Think of you so often.

Hugs and kisses to those sweet boys.

Heather said...

Susan I was able to get out and enjoy a morning walk today, so maybe it won't be AS dark and drizzly today! You are right, this will all bring lots of green and flowers, so I just try to keep that in mind! Not sure about the cherry trees...will have to take a drive out by the orchards and see if they've blossomed yet. I can't wait for fresh cherries!

Roberta said...

Thursday we will have the first sign of spring -- Fat Boy is opening! It won't be long before the hot dog stand on the mall will be open.

Nicky said...

Great signs of spring out your way! Love the photo of the boys on the swing - Griffin's face is hilarious! I just love his expressions!

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