Tuesday, March 01, 2011

My Steve

Steve left this morning.

Sitting here tonight, I can't believe the past two weeks came and went so quickly. The boys and I had the most wonderful time with him! We packed a lot of fun into 15 days, that is for sure.

R & R is a strange thing. It is something all four of us were waiting and waiting for, but once it arrives, there is a sense of dread that it is going to pass too quickly. I'm happy to say that both Steve and I felt like the pace was relaxed, and we spent our time wisely.

Steve put Camden and Griffin's needs above all else, which is what he does in every-day life anyway. He is such a devoted, involved, and loving father, and he amazes me. I am so proud of him.

One invaluable thing that comes from a deployment is the gift of perspective. I think all marriages could use some from time to time. Being apart really gives one pause to reflect upon what is really, really important in life. Friendship. Respect. Comfort. Understanding. Unconditional love. I'm happy to know that I have these things with my husband. I love him more than anything in the world.

When Steve left this morning, he left love notes for each of the boys, so they would find them when they woke up. This afternoon, when Griffin and I were out playing in the yard, I found this written on our walkway:

Seeing it totally made my day today. I love you, Steve. We miss you so much already.


Nicky said...

Oh Heather, this post brought tears to my eyes! I'm so glad you all got to enjoy some fabulous R&R, but I can totally imagine how that sense of dread must appear as soon as you set eyes on each other - knowing it's only a temporary fix for another good few months. But I am happy that you all had some quality time together. You both sound like the poster children for marriage. What a fantastic combination you are for each other. So heartening in this day and age when many folk find it all too easy to come and go and disrespect. I hope that one day I can find happiness like that :)

And at least now you can start the countdown to homecoming!

Jenn said...

That would have totally melted my heart and made me cry! So sweet.

kirsten said...

Makes me want to cry! Love that you have that with each other. Great post.

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