Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Voting With My Trusty Sidekicks

Camden has been very interesting in the whole voting process, so he really wanted to go with me to vote today. I had planned to do it after I'd dropped him off at school (so I would have one less kid to wrangle at the polls) but decided to just go for it and go first thing this morning. We were pleasantly surprised when we arrived, because we found only a couple of other people at our precinct. We walked up to the election volunteer, who said to me, "Name, please" to which Camden replied, "CAMDEN!" We got our ballot and headed over to our voting station, where Camden proceeded to say, over and over, in a very loud voice, "MUMMY! ARE YOU PICKING BARACK OBAMA? VOTE FOR BARACK OBAMA, OKAY? YOU'RE VOTING FOR BARACK OBAMA, RIGHT???" I had to gently remind him to keep his voice down, and finally had to resort to making both boys sit on the floor and zip their lips. It seems Griffin thought it was fun to shake the legs of the polling booths, although I'm pretty sure my fellow voters didn't find it too amusing. So, the deed is done, and I am very excited to watch election returns tonight. Camden wanted his picture taken next to the sign on the way out of our precinct, and I was happy to oblige.

We decided to skip Muffin Tin Monday yesterday, so that we could do it today instead. I went with an "election day" theme (beware - - I had to really reach, coming up with names for a couple of the items). We have: Craisins (since they are red), cannon balls (Pirate's Booty), American apple sauce, constitutional carrots, Presidential roast chicken, and half of a banana-chocolate chip muffin. Of course, the boys liked the crazy cup cake topper the best. They cleaned their plates, so I guess this one was another success.


Cheryl and Ashton said...

I think its great to take the boys with you to vote. My kids loved to go with me and as they got older, always reminded me to vote and would question me about politics. Great photo of the boys and lunch looked very delicious.

Jen said...

I never thought I'd hear my two year old say Barack Obama. I heard it from both kids quite a few times today - it's a fun name to say I guess.
The line at our polling place was out the door - about a 40 minute wait - you were lucky to get right in - especially since you had the kids with you.
Love your daily posts!

Heather said...

That's what my mother said too, Jen - - little kids love to say his name. Griffie says, "Rock Omama". Believe me, if I'd had to wait in line, I would have turned around and left, and tried again later...Griffin is a menace to society.

Joy said...

Especially to say that in the small town you live in - "red" state to boot!

I'll have my voting story up later - Paco loves saying Barack Obama, too. Someone asked him who he was voting for and he said, "Barack Obama" but my Mom doesn't like him." Oops - too much said around the kids. oh well.

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