Thursday, November 20, 2008

Griffin the Terrible, Pajamas, & a Dead Squirrel

Everyone in the house (except me, obviously) has gone to bed, and I need to be heading that way shortly. I think I will be off to the doctor in the morning to find out why my throat still hurts so badly, and why the right side of my neck is so tender (strep? I hope not).

We had an interesting day here at the homestead. Griffin was a World Class Pill for most of the day - - he is a Mumma's Boy through-and-through, and he wouldn't let anyone near him all day. He focused the majority of his energy on being naughty, and insisting that I hold him at all times. Ack! I seriously hope he's snapped out of it by tomorrow, because I don't think I can take another day of that.

This evening, I put on a special event at the library in conjunction with Idaho Family Reading Week. I had a "pajama story time" complete with milk and cookies, and I was so happy with the large turnout. Griffin dug deep and behaved himself while we were there - - thanks for that, Griff. My boss seemed pleased with how it all went, so I'm glad for that, too.

The dead squirrel. Well, a couple of days ago, 12-year-old Riley managed to seriously injure a squirrel in the back yard. Bless his elderly heart, Riley isn't overly swift, so I'm still not sure how he outwitted the little sucker. Lo and behold, we looked out in the back yard this afternoon to find Roy in a mad embrace with a lifeless squirrel corpse, which I'm guessing was Riley's victim from the other day. Roy proceeded to flip Mr. Squirrel's limp little body to and fro, even laying on his back a couple of times and sort of boxing at it with his hind legs. I think at one point, Roy was wondering why the little guy didn't "play back", and he eventually lost interest. That's when I sent my Dad out with a plastic bag to dispose of the cadaver. Thanks, Dad! You're a good sport.


Cheryl and Ashton said...

Hope you are feeling much better. Seems like your dad always arrives in the nick of time...The story hour sounded neat.

Lisa said...

I can just picture Roy playing with the poor dead squirrel! Too funny! Griffin sounds like such a little character! I hope tomorrow is an easier day and that your sore throat is better soon!!

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