Friday, November 07, 2008


I've got nothing tonight. However, I didn't want to miss a day of NaBloPoMo '08, darn it. I have a head cold, and I mostly just want to go to bed. I just finished watching the movie Cast Away (love that movie) and it just reaffirmed the fact that I adore Tom Hanks. Steve returned home from his trip this evening. He's just taken over control of the channel changer, which means we are now watching "Foreign Exchange with Daljit Dhaliwal" (on PBS). If I had my way, we'd be watching What Not to Wear, but that would mean I'd be sitting here by myself. Basically, there appears to be little to nothing that Steve and I can watch together on television. Time for bed!


Chocolate on my Cranium said...

My husband and I are the same way. I usually end up spending that time on the I'm doing now.

Hope you feel better soon!

Joy said...

That is so funny! Here Roy and I are in a hotel room alone (see today's post) and I'm on here and he's channel surfing!!!

Cheryl and Ashton said...

I watch t.v. in the bedroom...I climb under the covers and watch away in comfort while Mark and the dog watch The History Channel, Discovery Channel, Sci-Fi, etc.,etc. in the living room and snack! Hey, it works for us. Hope you feel better Heather.

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