Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Simple Post

No pictures or frills tonight, as I have a wicked sore throat and I am going to bed! My folks were able to hop on an earlier flight out of Chicago today, and ended up getting here around lunch time, so that was wonderful. I took Camden out of school early so he could join us on the trek to the airport. Camden is, of course, sleeping in Nana and Papa's room tonight, and I imagine he'll be sleeping downstairs with them for the next two weeks. It is so great to have my mom and dad here with us! More tomorrow....


Joy said...

Can't wait for more!

Hope you get better SOON!

Drink Melaleuca Herbal tea, spray throat with hot shot and gargle with their mouthwash. If you can stand without gagging... swab the back of your throat with a Qtip with oil on it. I make myself do this and am always amazed how much better I feel.


Cheryl and Ashton said...

Glad your parents arrived safely, sorry you don't feel well. I had your parents might happily have "sleeping company"! So glad you all are having two weeks together.

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