Monday, October 22, 2007

Time Flies...

Steve headed back to Idaho early this morning, and so the boys and I have a little over a week and a half left of our vacation here in Maine. This past week was spent in Harpswell, at Steve's parents' house. The first part of the week, Steve did a few projects with his father and the boys and I hung around the house. Camden went for a boat ride on Grampa's boat, and then also got to go for a ride on our good friend Jim's lobster boat. I spent some time visiting with my old friend, Sara, and that was great - - I'm hoping to spend some more time with her before we head back home. The most exciting thing about our week was when our nephew, Max, was born on Friday. His parents are Steve's sister, Danielle, and her husband, Aaron. He sure is a cute little guy! On Saturday, the four of us went to Tony & Heather's house for a big get-together with a bunch of Steve's friends (and their families). We had a great time, and it was so nice to see everyone. Yesterday, we met my parents, along with my brother Kevin, his wife Rachel, and their daughter Violet at Portland Head Light to have a big family picture taken. After that, we headed over to Aunt Jean and Uncle Ken's house in Hollis, for brunch.

This post would be a whole lot more interesting, if I could attach all of the pictures that go with these events, but I can't seem to do it. You see, I am a PC girl, and my parents have an iMac. I am getting ready to beat my head against the wall in frustration, so I guess I'd better quit while I am ahead. I'm in hopes that pictures will be added, soon.

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