Monday, October 08, 2007

Burning the Midnight Oil

Okay, so it isn't midnight (it is 9:36, to be exact), but everyone (except me!) is tucked into bed. I'm downstairs, getting ready for story time tomorrow. You would think that I would prepare ahead of time - - it is my intention each week to do just that, but somehow the week always escapes me and I find myself, yet again, scrambling on a Monday night. I'm finding that my story times are coming together easily now, so that must mean I've found my groove. My challenge this week will be that I need to have the story times for the 3 weeks that I will be in Maine, all prepared by Saturday. I sort of have them done in my head - - now just to get them on paper!

Earlier this evening, I did the prep work for the Winter Minestrone that I'll toss in the crock pot tomorrow morning. I've never cooked with fennel before, so I was happy to be trying something new. We have guests coming for dinner tomorrow - - some old friends from the east coast, and I am so looking forward to their arrival. I really need to be efficient in the morning (please boys, cooperate with Mummy!) because after story time, it is back home to feed the boys lunch, and then it will be time to get Camden dressed and ready for his first day of preschool. He is so excited, and I am equally excited for him. Tomorrow should be an exciting day to say the least.

I had a follow-up with my surgeon today, and luckily I am healing up just fine. I didn't have a chance to talk to him after my surgery last week, so it was surprising to hear about the extent of the repairs that he made. The worst of the three hernias he repaired was a result of apparently not being sewn up too well after one of my c-sections. To any of you out there that might have the misguided belief that a c-section is the "easy" way to give birth, let me just tell you that you are sorely mistaken! I believed that prior to last week, but after having gone through this surgery as well, I believe it all the more. Phew! I did have a good chuckle with the PA who assisted in my surgery, because she mentioned to me that some women were quite concerned about scars, and that if I was, to rub the incision sites with oil or whatever and it should help some. I kindly informed her that after having had 2 babies, two cesareans, and now three incisions from this surgery, I was pretty sure that my stomach would never again be seeing the light of day, thank you very much.

I watched Jessica Seinfeld on Oprah today, with great interest. I had heard about her new book,
Deceptively Delicious, and now I can't wait to try some of the recipes. Camden does a good job eating his veggies, and Griffin will eat nearly anything you give him, but I'm still very familiar with the whining and complaining at dinner time. I like the fact that all of her recipes are low in fat and just healthy over all. Hopefully, I can find a copy of the book, soon!

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Lisa said...

I read the Oprah segment with Jessica Seinfeld and promptly ordered the book from! My next step is to get a mini food processor! Thanks so much for the tip!
How did Camden do on his first day of preschool? I'm sure there's some cute pictures - hint, hint!

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