Sunday, October 14, 2007

T-Minus Twelve Hours (or so) and Counting....

  • Bags packed (for the most part).....check
  • House vacuumed.....check
  • Story Times prepared for the next three weeks.....check
  • Riley, on his way to the doggie Bed & Breakfast....check
  • Garbage disposal clogged/sink full of floating food waste.....check

With the exception of the clogged garbage disposal, everything is running relatively smoothly, and soon we will be heading for Maine! My mind is swarming with all kinds of thoughts today...I cannot wait to meet my niece, Violet Jean, be in my parents home, see Aunt Jean & Uncle Ken, share the various wonders of Maine with Camden and Griffin, eat a lobster roll, catch up with Jen, smell a million candles at Village Candle, do some speed-walking with my mom, sniff the coastal air, have my dad fit Griffin for his first pair of shoes, eat a "real" Italian sandwich, go to Freeport, visit old haunts, see old friends & relatives...I could go on and on. Oh, how I have missed Maine, and everyone and everything there.


Lisa said...

Have a FABULOUS time in Maine! I wish I was going to be there too! Think of me while you're shopping in Freeport!

Terri said...

Heather we miss you ALREADY!!! hope you have a GREAT time sounds like you will...we'll be thinking of you often sorry I missed you last night I tried your cell but it didn't go through...don't worry though you are one of the most organized people i've ever met and I'm sure Hayden could do storytime for us with your notes LOL!! WE love you lots have fun while there can't wait till your home again though!
The Rogers

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