Saturday, August 23, 2008

Nurse Heather, At Your Service

Yesterday morning, the first full day of school, Camden woke up complaining of a tummy ache. I must admit, I wasn't really convinced that he was actually sick. However, when he vomited all over himself and the sofa, I was convinced. So, my boy missed the first "real" day of school. Luckily by noontime, the worst was over. Now I'm just hoping nobody else gets it, but at least if we do, it seems to be a mild bug. Steve was home yesterday also. To preserve his dignity, I won't tell you why, but I will tell you that his best friends were a bag of frozen corn, a jockstrap, and a bottle of Heavy Duty Narcotics. You figure it out. Steve is not one to lie around, and he doesn't like to be fussed over, so it took him a little while to get use to doing nothing all day long. I suspect he'll be taking it easy for the rest of the weekend. This morning, Griffin and I are off to the farmer's market because we are seriously low on fruits and veggies. Other than that, we have no plans at all, which is just fine with me. Happy weekend, everyone!

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Cheryl said...

Poor Camden-but at least he had a first "half-day" of school! Hope Steve is feeling better :)

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