Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Well, here we are, less than 24 hours away from the first day of school, and my Sweet Boy has a 102-degree fever. We've been nursing the sickies here for about the past 4 days - - runny noses, icky cough, and general crud. Griffin seems to be over the worst of it, so here is hoping that Camden will turn the corner sometime before 9:15 tomorrow morning. I'd be so sad if he missed the first day of kindergarten - - he is so looking forward to it. Right now, I think he is just happy that I'm letting him watch movies all afternoon...not something that happens often around here.

Camden met his teacher, Miss Wentz, for the first time last night, at the open house at his new school. We all liked her very much - - she taught elementary school for 35 years in Boise, retired, and then decided to come back to work part-time teaching kindergarten.

In case you were wondering, the ugly sofa that Camden is sprawled upon is not in my living room, thank you very much. It came with the house, and resides in the basement, in the family room. Someday, I will get a slipcover for that thing.

Get well soon, Munchie!


Cheryl said...

Hope Camden is feeling better very soon. Here's wishing Camden a wonderful start to his school years tomorrow! And Heather, good luck to you as well :)

Lisa said...

Be better soon, Camden! Happy First Day of Kindergarten!! Hang tough Heath!

Margaret said...

I hope he's on the mend and able to attend school tomorrow!!

Jen said...

Poor thing! I hope he feels better soon!

Joy said...

Oh no!! Hope you're at school today, Camden!!!!

Poor little guy.

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