Saturday, June 07, 2008

What We've Been Up To

I'm pretty sure the boys (ahem...Griffin) wore out their welcome with Steve approximately 2.7 seconds after we arrived to visit him yesterday. Although Steve has been holed up with a bunch of stinky Army men for the past week, working extremely hard and not sleeping much, he quickly became desensitized to Griffin's insanity. The minute we arrived at Steve's office, Griffin wasted no time and immediately started pounding on computer keyboards, upending random items, and generally driving his father crazy. I think I saw a blood vessel bulging on Steve's forehead as we were on our way out the door. Needless to say, I'm pretty sure Steve's had his fix of us until he returns home next weekend.

The boys and I are enjoying a lovely Idaho day today - - I'm feeling super ambitious and have gotten tons of laundry, cleaning, and general organizing done. I've mowed part of the yard and hope to finish the rest, as well as the rental yard, tonight. We still have groceries to buy this afternoon.

Tomorrow we are heading for Boise to check out a nifty-looking set of beds that I found on Craigslist. I'm so excited about it, and I hope that they are truly in good condition. Camden is in desperate need of a big boy bed, but after visiting a local furniture store earlier this week, I was a bit appalled at the price of a simple twin bed. So, I've been perusing Craigslist, and am in hopes that something will pan out relatively soon. I took Camden to KMart the other day and he picked out some pirate bedding, so he's pretty excited for a new bed.

It is becoming clear to me that Griffin may end up out-talking his big brother. It is funny to think that he really wasn't saying much of anything back in March - - maybe 5 words or so - - and now he talks all day long. He's even stringing some words together now, and nearly killed me when he said, "I wuv you, Mummy" a couple of days ago.

Camden had his physical for Kindergarten earlier this week, and he is doing great. He is very tall for his age, has super-powered eyesight (just like his father!). He managed to crack the doctor up when he informed him that he is "obsessed with ships." See evidence, below:

He's still enamored with the Titanic, and frequently builds his own version, with Legos.
As for me, I am nursing a sinus infection - - my contribution to the seemingly never-ending cycle of illness in this house. Nothing some antibiotics won't cure, I'm sure. Tonight I plan to go to bed early, with a good movie. I have to hurry up and watch all of the movies I've been wanting to see, that Steve won't watch with me!


Lisa said...

I hope 27 Dresses is on your list of movies. Very cute.

Cheryl said...

Make that next batch of Steve's favorite cookies a double...that way the visit with the boys might become a distant memory!!

Melissa said...

Your boys are amazing - the stories crack me up! :D

I hope you enjoy your remaining chick-flick nights!

Mark said...

doesn't the Army believe in posturepedic chairs? Those chairs look like the ones I used to move for Bath Iron Works back in the late 80s! Ha ha.

Melissa said...

I forgot - you might also check - similar to Craigslist!

kirsten said...

I love this picture because it really paints a story! Your boys are just too cute for words!

Heather said...

Lisa -
I have not seen 27 Dresses yet - - I'll have to check that out. I watched P.S. I Love You the other night and really liked that.

Thanks for the website info, Melissa. Craigslist is just too much fun, so I'll have to check this one out.

Mark aren't those chairs crazy? Older than dirt. I guess they don't get too worked up about fancy furniture out there.

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