Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Feelin' the Love

I really love blogging. It is so nice to be able to have somewhere to write and to be somewhat creative. The best part, though, is that people actually come here to read what I have to say. I get so darn excited when someone leaves a comment - - I practically get up and do a cartwheel whenever I see a new one! So, thank you to all of you take the time out of your day to check in with me. You are the best!

Imagine my excitement to find out that I'd been given two blog awards in the past few days...that is a first for me! I know, I know - - some of you seasoned bloggers get these ALL the time, and maybe I'm a nerd (okay, I am a nerd), but I've never gotten one so I just about burst with excitement.
The first one came from my Aunt Jean, who blogs at Molly's Folks Down Under. She started her blog to chronicle a recent trip that she and my Uncle took to Australia, and has continued writing. You will find her blog chock full of beautiful photos, gardening, cooking, and lots of crafting. Thanks, Auntie J.!

The second one came from my cyberfriend Jen, over at Jennifer Has Spoken. I love Jen's blog because she tells it like it is, and when I check in on her blog each morning, it feels like a little visit with an old friend. She also has a great photo blog called Say Click, so check that out, too. Thanks, Jen!

Now, the rules say that I now get to bestow these awards upon some of my favorite bloggers! I think I will bend the rules a little and just do 5, rather than 15. Griffin only naps for 2 hours, you know! Some are from my blogroll, so if you haven't already paid them a visit, please do.
The first "Make My Day" award goes to Kate at Here's What I'm Thinking. Kate and I have known each other since grade school (gulp!) which means we have known each other for a long, LONG time. The woman has touched Patrick Dempsey, people! Kate's blog is relatively new, and she is such a good writer. Hey Kate - - I know you are kinda busy, working full-time while raising children and all, but you need to blog more often so I don't feel like I am stalking you, waiting for a new blog post. Thanks.
Next, I'd like to send an "I Love You This Much" award over to my Aunt. Reading her blog makes me feel a little bit closer to Maine. Aunt Jean, you need to do a post about your Two-Egg Sponge Cake sometime. Hmmmm. Now I need a snack...
Now, another "Make My Day" award goes to Cocoa at Chocolate on My Cranium. Cocoa inspires me in all kinds of ways, and takes the most beautiful pictures. I just love your blog, Cocoa.
Next to "Make My Day" is Andrea over at Punk Rock Mommy. Andrea is a 37-year old mother of six, who is battling Inflammatory Breast Cancer. Her blog is raw, honest, and life-altering. Please take a moment to learn about Andrea, and about IBC. Andrea, so many of your words have changed the way I look at life. You are an amazing woman and a wonderful writer.
Finally, an "I Love You This Much" award to Lisa at Out of the Slush Pile, and Joy at El Mundo de Mamacita. Lisa's blog is the perfect mix of updates on her family, combined with her work as a freelance writer. I love being able to read about what is going on in her life, as well as her work. Joy is my "oldest" friend here in Idaho, and although we only live about 30 miles apart, our busy lives keep us from seeing each other as often as we'd like! So, I get to keep up on what she's doing through her blog. She also has lots of "green" tips, and cooking, too. Hope to see you soon, Joy!
Another blog I'd like to mention is Cake Space...oh my goodness, I love, love, LOVE to look at all the cakes on this blog. I happened upon it a few days ago, but then forgot to bookmark it. Luckily, I found it again!


Jen said...

Thanks for the plug on the photoblog! I didn't think anyone actually looked at that! ha ha!

Lisa said...

Thank you Heather! This whole blogging thing has been such a great way to keep in touch! You're sweet to include me in your blog awards! HUGS!

Joy said...

Ahhhh, you are SO sweet!

I love your posts and you deserve every award you get!

I don't really know "the rules" of this... enlighten me please so I don't committ some blogger snafu.

Kate said...

Cool!! I don't think I've gotten an award since my baton twirling days in the 3rd grade. I will try to update more-I don't know where the days go. I love comments too and would leave them more often if Blogger made it faster.

Cocoa said...

You are too kind! It's funny how our blogs evolve and change because we realize how fun they can be.

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