Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Cupcakes & Kitties

Today started off with a bang, when I remembered that I'd promised to bake for a library fundraiser today, but it managed to slip my mind, like so many other things tend to do! You'd better believe I fired up my mixer and whipped up a batch of cupcakes. Of course, the boys decided to "help" me which was all fine and good, until I was decorating said cupcakes and looked to my right to see Griffin, totally eating one of the cupcakes with his face, hands clasped behind his back. Not sure why he chose that method, when he could have easily picked it up, but I suppose messier=more fun. So, the library only got 23 cupcakes instead of 24, and Griffin got a massive sugar charge at 10 o'clock this morning.

We are thinking of adding to our family. NO! I'm not pregnant, lest Steve run for the hills at full tilt and never come back. Camden has decided he would like a cat. I'm not sure I am 100% ready to take a kitty on, but I think another critter might do old Riley some good. He is pretty lonely without his Sadie, and maybe a kitty would perk him up a bit. We payed a visit to our local shelter this morning, and Camden immediately fell in love with a sweet little boy kitty named Roy. He is only 15 weeks old, so a good age, and he was super-friendly and not the least bit skittish around the midgits, so another plus. I'm thinking it all through this afternoon while Camden is at school, although I'm pretty sure my opinion doesn't count for much, since Camden exclaimed he'd rather "go get Roy" than go to school.

Now, please excuse me - - I must get back to my baking - - tomorrow is Valentine's Day, after all. Stop by tomorrow for a post full of sugar, butter, and heart-shaped pizza.


Jen said...

Kittens are cute!

We made cupcakes for V-day today!

Cheryl said...

Wished you had a photo of Griffin eating the cupcake!

melissa said...

Oh yes...a photo of Griffin going face-first in a cupcake would have been awesome! But then again, you did have your hands full. :D

Give Roy a pat for me - I'm guessing you're getting him settled in right about now. ;)

Terri said...

You had me very excited there for a minute Heather!!! I thought we were going to get to be pregnant friends but kitties are good to!! Have a great Valentine's day tommorrow hope to see you at the library!

Scarlett Wanna Be said...

Hey Heather,
We should get together. Big Daddy is in the Navy, that is how we ended up here. Before moving, we lived in CT. for 3 years. I miss New England...especially in the fall. You sound like a busy bee but if you ever have time, I would love to compare Idaho stories.

Joy said...

Ahh, you are braver than I! The only critters around here are the two legged kind. ;)

I am getting some chickens soon though - this spring for sure so I'm sure I'll have some fun stories involving those birds and my little boys.

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