Friday, February 22, 2008

My Brain Hurts

Oh Lordy, I've been suffering from a terrible case of Blogger's Block. I've read many, many times out in the blogosphere that one should never write, "Sorry I haven't been blogging!" when one hasn't been posting regularly - - apparently it is one of the cardinal sins of blogging. Alas, here I am today, writing about the fact that I have nothing to write about. To prove it, here are some of the highlights from the past week:
  • Steve went on his annual arctic skiing trip last weekend. He slept in a tent in the snow. He got a sunburn. He can't wait to go again next year. Boys are strange.
  • The boys and I developed a serious case of cabin fever over the weekend. Okay, actually the boys were fine, but I just about went loopy. I've had it with winter! I'm tired of being inside, rarely seeing another adult for days on end! Ack!!
  • The good news is, the weather has taken a turn for the better. The snow is melting. I can see grass. GREEN grass. Yippee!!
  • I took Roy to the vet on Monday, along with a very inquisitive 4 1/2 year old, and a 17-month old who thinks every stranger is a doctor, and therefore proceeds to claw at me and cry hysterically when the public figure du jour looks at him.
  • Ummm...I just spaced out and looked out the window just now, and it is SNOWING. Lord help me.
  • There was an earthquake in Nevada yesterday, in case you haven't heard. I somehow missed it - - I was busy making pancakes and wrangling little boys. Steve felt it at his office in Boise. Roy felt it, because he burrowed in through a hole in Riley's dog bed and wouldn't come out . Riley felt it - - and let me know it - - by pooping on the living room floor.
  • We are car-less today and this weekend due to Steve's Army commitments, so I am trying to figure out how amuse these boys and remain sane all at the same time. Hopefully the weather will be pleasant because that will surely help.

As you can see, there hasn't been a whole lot going on here, except things that make me whine. Rest assured, Dear Readers, I am digging deep today, and I vow to uncover that creative portion of my brain, so I can get back to some regular posting.

Camden just emerged from his bedroom and informed me that he and his brother are having a "diaper fight". I guess I'd better go...


Joy said...

Ahh, I feel your pain.

Winter will eventually be over so until then - don't go crazy enough you don't come back to "normal!!"

Don't know what I'd do without the Y - and we've only had it a year. ha.

red106 said...

Hang in there Heather, it only gets better, remember roller coasters are fun. And how wonderful it is that it is all documented for years to come. So keep the fun ideas coming, with my daughter's triplets and my son's twins on the way, this babysittin' Grandmom will be needing all the help she can get.
ps, can't wait to try the donut pan, and if apple cider is ever out of season, try using Odwalla apple juice, closest thing to cider I've ever tried.

Heather said...

Joy -
Oh, how I wish there was a Y in our town!You guys must get tons of use out of yours - - that is great! Hey - - aren't we due for a playdate?

Jacki Ann - That is so funny that you mentioned Odwalla juice...I was just looking at some at the grocery story yesterday! We actually had some cider at our local grocery, only it was "blueberry apple cider" - - a little different, but it worked just fine. Triplets AND twins??? WOW!!!

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