Thursday, February 28, 2008

A Day Off (well, sort of)

The house is quiet. The little ones are gone. I'm all by myself! Alas, before you get too excited for me, I have to tell you that I am sick in bed, so I won't actually be enjoying my time alone today. Bummer. Oh Lordy, please don't let me have the flu. I feel as though someone has beaten me from head to toe with a very, very heavy baseball bat. You know - - the kind of achy feeling where it hurts to move your eyeballs or comb your hair? Yeah, that. So, Steve has taken the day off to tend to the boys, so that I can rest in bed and hopefully cut this off at the pass. By 7:45 this morning, I could tell that Steve was already not having fun, and I'm pretty sure that I even heard him say that if he were me, he'd "throw the rascals in daycare" (I'm sure he was kidding. Maybe.) Anyway, the boys have all gone to Gowen so Steve can get some work to do at home, which he is really kidding himself if he thinks he is going to get any work done while tending to the boys, but you know, I didn't want to burst his bubble. Now, I don't know about you, but I have little to no interest in reading about other people's illnesses, so let's move on, shall we?

My parents will be here in 16 days. Whoopee!! The anticipation is just about killing us! Bertha, will you please make me some of your Chop Suey while you are here? (no, my mother's name is not Bertha, but I like to call her that). Not only are my parents wonderful house guests, but they are the Most Fabulous Grandparents, and I am so excited that the boys are going to get to spend two weeks with them. In anticipation of their arrival, I'm busy doing some baking and freezing. Yesterday, I made some fabulous Rosemary Cookies , compliments of P. Allen Smith - - so, so good. Just imagine a Snickerdoodle, but with a hint of rosemary. Perfect with a cup of tea, if you ask me. Herbs in your cookies? Too weird, you say? Give them a try, you will not be disappointed. I've also got to make some biscotti - - it is so simple to make, and it freezes really well.

My cousin Linda pointed me to a great website last week (thanks, Linda!), and I've been laughing ever since. Please take a moment to check out In the Motherhood - - it is hilarious! I'm loving Jenny McCarthy these days. Basically, real moms can write in to the website and tell their actual mothering experiences, and potentially have their story picked and then acted out by the cast, in "webisodes". My favorite at the moment is "Preachers, Panties, and Policemen". Watch it, and, especially if you are a mom, I dare you to tell me that you can't relate to it in some way!

Now, I'm off to suck down a mug full of TheraFlu.


melissa said...

I love In The Motherhood - hilarious!!

I hope you are able to fully recuperate today... I had to have my hubby make me a hot toddy last night. It was more toddy than hot, I think! But, it did help me sleep. ;)

Lisa said...

Halls Defense drops with Zinc and Echinacea, Baby! You'll be feeling good in no time! Feel better...

red106 said...

Chicken soup is guaranteed to make you feel better...
take good care of yourself

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