Monday, February 04, 2008

Scenes From a Wonderful Day

Walnut pancakes with carmelized bananas, made for me by Steve -- the best pancakes I've ever eaten. Yes, the recipe is in Stonewall Kitchen Favorites....yum.

A wintery-wonderland morning walk with my beloved Riley James.

Snow piled up in the middle of Main Street - - not something you usually see around here.


The apple thief strikes again

The Birthday Foot Rub (my apologies to you, if you happen to be eating breakfast while reading this post - - I'm sure the last thing you wanted to see was my icky feet!).

Thank you all for the birthday wishes yesterday! I had a nice day with my boys - - they are good to me. Steve whipped up a fabulous breakfast, and then really out-did himself by making pork medallions with mushroom cream sauce for dinner. It was so nice to be cooked for, for a change! Steve is such a good cook - - I need to try to bribe him into cooking more often, don't you think?

My big accomplishment for the day was figuring out the Bluetooth earpiece that my parents sent to me for my birthday. I am a technological idiot, but I actually figured it out all by myself, so I'm feeling rather smug.

Turning 30 didn't phase me in the least - - there is always such a big deal made about turning 30, but it just wasn't a big deal. Turning 36, however, has caused me to do quite a bit of thinking. I don't really have my thoughts organized yet, but in a nutshell, I would like to start living with a bit more purpose - - I want to take better care of myself and my health, I want to distance myself from negativity, and I want to do a better job of "not sweating the small stuff". I really hope in a year from now, I can look back and see that I've made some strides in those areas.

As for now, I have some little boys to dress, and teeth to brush.

P.S. three more days to enter the contest!


Lisa said...

Heather, I fear you've been away from New England a tad too long if you think that there was any snow PILED anywhere in those pictures! LOL! I'm glad you had a super nice birthday!
P.S. I think Steve should offer cooking lessons to the recipe challenged husbands out there! He could do ONLINE classes!!

Cheryl said...

A belated but very Happy Birthday Heather!! It certainly sounds as if you had a wonderful day, one you certainly deserve!

Cheryl said...

P.S. Loved the nail polish-what color is it??

Heather said...

Thanks, Cheryl! That nail polish is Avon, and the color is "midnight plum", #N229 - - my sister-in-law gave it to me, and I love it!

Joy said...

Yes, happy day to you! I think you will find that by next year you have made great strides in what you want to do.

Can you believe all this snow for our area?!?! 2 snow days for us so far...

red106 said...

Happy Birthday Heather, I remember my 36th birthday in Bellevue, Idaho, with my husband and 3 small children, there was already 75 inches of snow on the ground and I was more than ready to move back to civilization. I, like you, was a transplant, only born and raised in Philadelphia, PA. By 36 I had had my fill of the West and was more than ready to move on. 11 years in Idaho (Burley, Rupert, Pocatello, then Bellevue)had been enough for this city girl. Funny thing is now my husband and I are ready to retire and just where do you think we may go? Idaho lol
So enjoy Idaho and your family, Happy Birthday from A Grandmother of 7 in California.

Heather said...

red106 - Welcome! I'm so glad you've found my blog! I love running into other people from Idaho or who haved lived here. Honestly, I was not excited to move here 6 years ago, but I really love it now. It is such a beautiful state, but unless you've ever been here, you'd never know the depth of the beauty! I'm glad you've stopped by and I hope you will continue to do so!

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