Sunday, January 13, 2008

A Few of My Favorite Things: Vintage Pyrex

Back in December, in a post about my growing love for thrift stores, I mentioned a small, vintage Pyrex refrigerator dish that I'd found at my local thrift store. I fear that particular finding has led to a bit of an obsession with vintage Pyrex. Oh my goodness, I love it. The good news is, this is a very cheap obsession. I've found just a handful of pieces over the last month, and have spent a grand total of $7.50. I can't say for sure what the lure is for me - - I've always been somewhat obsessed with people, places, and things from the past (i.e., my Little House on the Prairie Obsession, my Norlands Living History Center Obsession, my James Dean Obsession, to name just a few). With Pyrex, I love the look of it, but mostly, I love the idea that someone owned the piece for years and years, and maybe made their favorite casserole in it every Sunday. Anyway, onto the Pyrex:

This is a 1.5 quart refrigerator dish in dark green olive, in mint condition, which will be perfect for my favorite Shepherd's Pie recipe.
This is an 8.5" Cinderella bowl ,in Early American print. with handle and pouring spout, again, in mint condition.

I also found this 10" Early American Cinderella bowl. Love it!

Yes, there are other people who are as weird as I am, because there is a whole web site dedicated to vintage Pyrex, called Pyrex Love.

One last thing I wanted to share - - while at a thrift store the other day, in search of Pyrex, of course, I came across an interesting little bowl/jar with a lid, about the size of a coffee can. I was drawn to it because it had cherries on it, and I love anything with a cherry motif. I noticed a Fire King marking on the bottom of it, and I remembered reading about Fire King when I was reading about Pyrex. It was only $1.50, so I bought it. When I got home, I quickly looked it up on the Internet, so I could learn more about it. Come to find out, it is part of a Fire King Range Set - - this piece is the grease jar - - and it is valued between $70 and $120! Yikes! If it had had the matching salt and pepper shakers with it, it would have been valued at $200!


Aunt Jean said...

" I love the idea that someone owned the piece for years and years"

This is exactly why I love antiques, Heather. I love the idea of a previous owner who treasured the piece, and now I'm carrying on in treasuring it for him/her. Needlework, knitting needles, sewing baskets especially make me think if the previous owner and her love it the piece.

Aunt Jean said...

...I meant "her love OF the piece."

Heather said...

I suspected you felt the same way, Auntie J...I often have this feeling when I'm looking at the hair receiver you gave to me. I wonder who it belonged to? I swear, I could spend every day going through antique shops, and thrift shops...

melissa said...

Oh, you'd adore going through my mom's kitchen cabinets!! :D

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