Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A Busy Week

Steve is on the East coast this week, for military business, and we miss him. The week feels as though it is flying by, and I suspect it is because these two little guys are keeping me very busy! The week started with dentist appointments for both boys - - this was Griffin's first visit to Dr. Streeby, and although he wasn't completely excited about being there, it wasn't like going to the pediatrician (thank goodness). Camden had another excellent appointment, and had more x-rays taken of his "super tooth" (instead of just a baby front tooth with a permanent tooth behind it, he has those two, plus a third tooth behind that!). Unfortunately, the super tooth is already beginning to crowd out his other teeth. He will have to have it surgically removed in 1-2 years, and the dentist said we can expect some orthodontia in the coming years. Oh well!

Yesterday was full with Story Time in the morning, and then school in the afternoon for Camden. This morning, we had a play date that was so much fun, we all lost track of time! When we finally looked at the clock, it was 15 minutes before Camden was to be at school, so we did some major scrambling in order to eat lunch and get there on time. Now, Griffin is napping, and I am baking some bread, but am about to head downstairs for my daily date with the treadmill.

Camden has decided that he needs a "Royal Prince" costume, so yesterday we went to the fabric store, and will start that project this afternoon. He is wanting to wear the finished product to the airport when we pick Steve up on Friday afternoon, so I'm sure there will be some interesting pictures to post soon!


Joy said...

Can't wait to see Mister Prince soon!!

Try not to worry any about the oral surgery. Paco did great and doesn't remember a thing. :)

Maybe I should try working out instead of having computer time....

Aunt Jean said...

Adorable picture of little Griffin sitting on the ball!

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