Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Let the Good Times Roll

This is what you will find in my bathroom at any given time, if you come to my home, because someone has a bit of a *ahem* toilet paper problem. At least 37.4 times per day, I find myself "re-rolling" the toilet paper. I generally keep the door closed, to keep Griffin out, but he manages to sneak in throughout the day and do his damage. He also has a thing for grabbing on to the roll, and then heading for the door. That rascal - - he keeps me hopping. As I have mentioned before, he has a penchant for all things naughty - - climbing furniture, pestering the dog (as well as his older brother), throwing random objects into the garbage can, dancing a jig on the coffee table, and shrieking like a small school girl when he doesn't get his way. We're having a difficult time understanding the workings of his little mind. I've had many people tell me that the second child pays you back for the fact that your first child was mild-mannered, so I am a bit concerned.

I kept Camden home from school today again, since he still has a nasty cough and runny nose (but is still a Royal Prince, as evident in the picture to the right). Griffin seems to be on the upswing today, just in time for me to have a killer sore throat. I would really love to just let the saliva dribble out of the side of my mouth, since swallowing hurts so much, but I suppose that wouldn't be very lady-like. Another thing I would like is a sick day, but I think I forfeited those when I became a mother. Waaaaaa! Mind over matter, Heather! Mind over matter!

I've recently stumbled upon a new blog that I am madly in love with, so go ahead and check it out. It is called "Confessions of a Pioneer Woman", and it is so much fun to read. She also has a second blog called "The Pioneer Woman Cooks", and I can tell you that I have made her lasagna, as well as her Oatmeal Crispie cookies, and both were excellent. Her writing is hilarious, her photography is gorgeous, and boy can she cook.

Now, please excuse me - - I need to go and re-roll my toilet paper.


Lisa said...

I'm not sure about the second child thing -- my second child was and is so laid back, easy to get along with, and makes no waves kind of kid. Now my youngest, she's a whole different story! I always say that Allison is the child who humbled me when I thought I had the being a parent thing figured out. She is still the one who tests my patience the most. She wants to experience everything to the fullest, no matter what mommy says! Can you imagine Allison and Griffin in the same family!!??

Linda said...

I LOVE the Pioneer Woman's blog! I've been reading it for a few months now and am totally addicted to it. Have you gone back and read all of her "From Black Heels to Tractor Wheels" stories? You really should if you haven't! Love her recipes, too. So far I've made her Chicken Spaghetti (wonderful!) and Pot Roast (delicious!) and will be trying the Spicy Chicken Legs next. Her photography is amazing, too!

Heather said...

Linda - I spent most of this past weekend reading all of the "black heels..." stories on her blog...I think Steve thought I was going to start stalking her or something, because every time he looked, I was on her blog! I'm glad to hear you made the chicken spagetti and liked it...I plan to buy the ingredients and try it over the weekend. I also can't wait to make the tiramisu, chocolate sheet cake, or the bread pudding. Who am I kidding? I want to try all of the recipes!

Lisa, it sounds like you know just what I am talking about! Griffin is crazy! Camden was always my quiet, complient boy!

Amy said...

Hi Heather! When Clayton went through the dragging th toilet paper through the house stage I turned the roll around so that when he spun it, it did not come undone. He thought it was broken and never did it again. Good luck!

Audrey said...

I'm smiling reading your post. At least you have toilet paper on the roll. I'm forever walking into bathrooms with no toilet paper on the rolls and possibly an opened roll on the counter and I have girls LOL.

Audrey :)

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