Sunday, January 27, 2008

Those Winter Blahs

I've tried very hard to avoid the Winter Blahs this year, but I'm afraid they are catching up to me. I am a sunshine girl, and I need my daily dose, or things start to go downhill. That is where I find myself today, after a very long week or so of sick kids, bad weather, an absent husband, and pretty much no interaction with another adult. The only thing I ever really miss about working outside of the home is that daily interaction with other women (oh - - and the free will to pop over to Java for a mocha, or to the Co-op for lunch, if I'm so inclined). I just looked up the 10-day forecast, and it doesn't look like the weather will be improving anytime soon, so I guess I'd better get a grip, hadn't I? I still struggle with trying to obtain balance in my life - - I wish so badly I could accomplish all of my mothering and household responsibilities, but then have just a smidge of time left over for myself, to focus on something that is just for me. In the grand scheme of things, my whining is silly, really...but every now and then it catches up to me and I wind up in this state of mind.

Camden's Nana and Papa give him a gift subscription to a great magazine called Your Big Back Yard, and yesterday the boys and I tackled a little craft project that was included in this month's issue. Basically, the project was an octopus, made from a tennis ball, felt, Velcro, and a set of "googly eyes". Both Camden and Griffin made one, but it has been non-stop drama ever since, because Riley cannot stand the fact that the head of the octopus is made out of a tennis ball. Riley keeps stealing the octopi (is that the plural of octopus??), which is followed by screaming and fit-throwing, as you can well imagine.


I always find cooking to be very therapeutic, so today I will be making Pioneer Woman's Chicken Spaghetti. My cousin Linda made it and liked it, so I thought I should try that next. The other night I made Pioneer Woman's Pinto Beans and Cornbread, and it was delicious.

*I just had about 25 minutes of panic, because the electricity went out. Luckily, there is power surging through the house, once again. Phew!*

I'd like to end this post by wishing my wonderful father a very happy birthday. Camden called and sang to him this morning, but we sure do wish we could just drive over and hang out with him today. Happy Birthday, Dad! I love you!


melissa said...

That is one cute octopus! :D Riley might need one of his own though. ;)

My husband gets terrible cabin fever right about this time of year...good thing that the seed catalogs are coming in now. Planning the garden helps get him through! Hopefully your weather will improve soon. :)

kirsten said...

Thanks for the recipe idea- both look yummy!
I too get bad cases of the winter blahs..sometimes I try to sneak away at night to Barnes and noble and have a Mocha and give myself 30 minutes of doing nothing but reading magazines..and that sometiems does the trick!

Cheryl said...

How about a project of looking over seed catalogs with Camden and perhaps planning out a little garden he can tend? I bet he would love the process of starting seedlings! My kids loved watching the seedlings sprouting and planting their "own" flowers. Loved the octopus, Riley definitely needs one of his own :)

Lisa said...

This may sound really silly but, one year the girls and I cut a gallon container in half, filled it with soil and planted grass seed. The grass grew quickly and we'd trim it with scissors every so often. It smelled wonderful in the middle of winter!! I think it was a homeschool project or something. I often think I should do it again just for the smell of summer it brings when everything outside is FROZEN!

Joy said...

You know I already have the blahs so I'm sorry you got them! :( Hang in there - the snow won't last forever - soon we'll have mud and more wind. bleh.

THANK YOU for pointing me to Pioneer Woman! LOVE HER!

Heather said...

Melissa and Cheryl -
I love your seed ideas...I was just thinking the other day how I can't wait to get a hanging basket for the front of the house. Maybe I ought to start making a "flower" plan for the spring...

Kirsten -
I totally agree...nothing soothes my soul like a big, fat mocha and the latest issue of People magazine. Maybe I will do that on Saturday...

Lisa -
You just reminded me that I have a bunch of wheat grass seed lying around - - I made a centerpiece with some last year for Easter...maybe I will sprout some early this year for a little green in the house.

All great ideas. Thanks, you guys!

Aunt Jean said...

How about making some Valentines with the boys? One of my favorite memories of my mother (your grandmother) involves the time when I was in second grade or so, and I needed Valentines for my classmates. Mum and I sat at the kitchen table one evening and, with leftover wallpaper, glue made of flour and water, and glitter, made Valentines. I was so proud to take them to school the next day!

Heather said...

That is a great idea, Aunt Jean. Just today we signed a book out at the library about the history of Valentines Day. Camden and I are also planning a little surprise for his cousins, so we have that to work on, too.

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