Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Worn Out

It seems that all four of us have "hit the wall". We are just plain tired. Steve had an exhausting day at work, Camden was in rare form, and Griffin was diagnosed with yet another double ear infection (his third in 9 weeks). As for me, I'm afraid my overnight in Boise didn't rev up my patience...somehow, it had the opposite effect! Oh well. Nothing a little sleep won't cure. Griffin's asleep, Camden is soon to follow. Then, Steve and I will visit over a glass of wine, and try to get to sleep early, ourselves. I'll be calling the ENT doctor tomorrow, for a consult on ear tubes for Griff. All I want is for him to feel better. Poor little peanut.

Here's to hoping I'll have something more inspiring to say, in the next day or so!


Joy said...

So sorry! Here's to hoping Griffin is on the mend sooner rather than later!!!!

kirsten said...

ugh- so sorry about the ear infections..Tate had a few in the first year and it definitely was so hard to soothe him and get him to sleep..

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