Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Treasure Hunting

Lately I've become infatuated with my local thrift store. I'm just kicking myself that it has been right under my nose all these years, and I've literally ignored it. This recent obsession started when my parents were visiting, and my mother and I stopped in at the thrift store one day. I found the most fabulous vintage deviled egg plate, and a couple of other treasures that day. Camden likes to go in and dig around in their big bucket of matchbox cars, so he is a willing participant, when I get the itch to go and look around. Yesterday, I found this, and this, for the boys, each for $1.50. I couldn't believe it! Both of them looked brand-new, so we took them home, cleaned them, and put in some batteries. The boys just love them! I'd always wanted to get the LeapFrog drum for Camden when he was a baby, but wasn't about to pay $34.99 for it! Some other great finds have been a handful of old copies of Martha Stewart Living magazine (!) for 20 cents, and a vintage Kromex tidbit tray. I love Kromex - - I have a vintage canister set and breadbox in my kitchen, so I was really happy to find the little tray for a dollar. I'm keeping my eye out for some vintage table clothes, but no such luck...yet.


Terri said...

I love your treasure finds!! We will have to go together sometime!!! see you tommorrow

kirsten said...

i LOVE going to the second-hand stores esp. for kid stuff..I've found so many great toys for only a couple of dollars. Can't wait to see the photos of Griffin's cake!

Kari & Kijsa said...

Just stunbled upon your blog- We always love a great thriftstore find or yard sale treasure!

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