Tuesday, September 18, 2007

All Kinds of News

The past few days have been rather busy around here! Last Friday, I attended a conference in Boise called, "Story Times, Transformed!", which was hosted by "Read to Me", a service of the Idaho Commission for Libraries. The conference was spectacular, and I learned so much. It was centered around the six early literacy skills that children need, in order to become successful readers. It completely changed the way I will conduct my story time at the library. I was up late last night, revamping everything. As a result, I had the most wonderful story time today - - it just seemed to flow so nicely, the kids were attentive and involved, and the moms seemed more involved as well. At the conference, I also got some new ideas from other Children's Program Coordinators, so I am excited to put some of those ideas in place and try them out on my little audience. It was funny, as I was sitting there at the conference, I was thinking about how many conferences/workshops I have attended in my adult life, associated with this job or that, usually being bored to tears. This one was so different though - - I was riveted the entire day, and left feeling so motivated and excited.

After returning from the conference, I went over to my local hospital, in hopes of getting in at the walk-in clinic, as I'd discovered a lump on my abdomen a couple of days before. Unfortunately, the clinic was closed, but the nurse in the ER felt I should be seen. It turns out that I apparently have a hernia, as a result of diastasis recti. So, I have an appointment with a surgeon next Monday, to see what needs to be done about that. In the meantime, I am not supposed to be lifting anything over 10 lbs., which is really not feasible for a mother of a 19-lb. baby who needs to be lifted a zillion times per day. Anyway, I will feel much better after my appointment next week, when I know what the next step is.

Steve and I celebrated our 6th anniversary on Saturday, with a long-overdue trip to the sushi bar. We tried a new place this time, Koi, located within Mai Thai in Eagle. What a fabulous dinner, and it was so nice to spend time with Steve.

As for Griffin - - Steve and I took him to an Ear/Nose/Throat specialist yesterday, and he will be getting ear tubes on October 10th. Apparently, he has a very large and "split" uvula, which somehow contributes to his constant ear infections. We were a bit surprised when he also mentioned that Griffin's palate was close to being cleft. After discussing all of this with the doctor, he felt it would be best for Griffin to have tubes, and we agreed with him. It has been rather difficult watching him suffer with ear infection after ear infection, and we just want him to feel better.

This past Sunday, Steve's godson Patrick (who is also Steve's Uncle Rex's grandson) and his new wife, Yoshie, came to visit, on their way from Massachusetts to San Francisco, where Patrick will be starting a new job. We had a great dinner together that evening, and then they left the next morning, hoping to make it to San Francisco that evening.
Back Row: Steve, Rex, Patrick. Front row: Me, Camden, Banzer, Kasey, Yoshie (Griffin had hit the hay long before this photo was taken, unfortunately!)

Griffin has had a boom of development over the past week or so, it seems. He is standing all the time now, and climbing on everything. I'm constantly amazed at how much fun he and Camden have together during the day. I guess I wasn't expecting that they would actually play together, but they do. Camden is such a good big brother. I trimmed Griffin's bangs yesterday - - just a bit - - but he looks so much like a big boy to me now, just with that little change. I cannot believe that he will be one next week.

The days have gotten suddenly colder, and I can clearly see that winter isn't far off. Today was very dark and gloomy, which means I need to start planning for foul weather and keeping some variety in our schedule. Camden starts preschool on October 9th, and I am so excited for him.

I'll close with some pictures:

Griffie discovers the Cozy Coupe

Camden and Steve spent a recent morning creating a "treasure map", and then burying treasures in the back yard. If you are wondering what Camden is wearing...that would be his pirate costume.

Helping Daddy get the tub ready for bath time.

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Joy said...

Hope Griffin is feeling better soon! Also, will be praying for you and your appt. :(

Can't wait to hear about preschool and Camden. In Emmett?

I can't imagine a conference that I enjoyed... how fun!

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