Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Must. Breathe. Deeply.

Steve is off to the Pentagon tomorrow, and through an unfortunate turn of events (which Steve will claim is of my choosing), I will be car-less with two small children, for the next two days. Really, I know I will be fine, but just the thought of being car-less (with two small children!!) really stresses me out. Anyway, that's another story that at this point in the evening, I don't even want to think about anymore. So...on with the post...

Autumn is in the air, and I am loving it. I actually had to wear a fleece jacket the other morning...yippee!! Oh, how I love this particular change in seasons. The one I'm not so much looking forward to is the next one, when we head on into the long, dark, dreary winter. I would say that is the most difficult season, particularly as a stay-at-home-mom.

Griffin's first birthday is right around the corner - - I really cannot believe it. I am truly savoring every last little bit of "babyness" left in him, but it is slipping by much too quickly, and he is rapidly leaving all things baby, in the dust. I find my heart a bit heavy lately - - I am feeling all torn up over the fact that I won't be having any more kids. So, so grateful for my boys, but I just don't feel "done", if that makes any sense. Unfortunately, Steve does, so that's that.

Griffin's little party will be a very low-key event, as was Camden's, but I must say, I had quite a bit of fun the other day, perusing one of my favorite websites, where I found the cake I'll make for him, along with a few other cute ideas for the day. Thanks, Martha!


I recently noticed the little "video" icon on the Blogger posting page, so I thought I'd give it a try tonight. This is Griffin, earlier today. Notice his faithful companion, Riley, panting nearby.


Aunt Jean said...

Cute video of Master Griffin and the ever-patient-and-tolerant Riley, Heather! Riley does like his boys, doesn't he?

Lisa said...

I LOVE the video!!! I have to try that on my blog! Those baby noises are the best!

Heather said...

Yes, Riley sure does like his boys. A couple of days ago, I happened upon Griffin, whacking Riley over the head (repeatedly) with a pen - - Riley never moved a muscle - - just sat there, squinting his eyes. Poor pup!

Joy said...

Roy leaves today for Las Vegas for 2 days and I'm not carless. I'll give you a call!!!

I can't believe how big Griffin is now. The video really does an amazing job.

I, too, am mourning the fact we won't have any more kids. I, too, love my boys but just don't feel "done." Roy does, though, so "that is that." I know I couldn't handle another one - it's just being told we're done, I guess....

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