Tuesday, June 19, 2007

My Baby is Four

I'm not quite sure where the time is going - - I can't believe my sweet Camden turned four years old today. It is very hard for me to believe. We actually celebrated his birthday yesterday, since Steve had the day off. Just a small gathering with Steve's parents and Auntie Kasey and Banzer. Camden will have his first "real" birthday party on June 30th, and he's very excited about that. He'll have a few of his little friends over for sandwiches and cake. He wanted to make sure I invited Miss Paula, his former preschool teacher, who was also his daycare provider from the time he was 13 weeks old, up until I stopped working last August. I really hope she will be able to come - - Camden still talks about her nearly every day.

This past weekend was one big blur, with the Cherry Festival, Father's Day, and then Camden's family party yesterday. It was evident that my brain was a bit fried, when the boys and I drove all the way to Boise this afternoon to run errands, only to find when we got there, that I'd left my wallet at home. That was the pits. Luckily, Steve's office wasn't far from where we were, and he had his debit card with him...crisis averted!

Griffin has been teething like a champ these past three weeks. He has four teeth through, with one more on the way. It is so odd to see teeth in his little mouth now! I can't believe how quickly he has been changing over the past month. I have a feeling he will be crawling before too long. I don't know that I am ready for that, but I suppose I don't have a choice!

Story Time seems to be going really well at the library. Our audience seems to get bigger each week, and Terri and I are really having fun with it. Today our theme was "picnics", and next week we will be doing "gardening".

Suddenly, Riley has taken quite an interest in Griffin. I've mentioned in previous posts how attached he has always been to Camden, and now he seems to be taking Griffin "under his paw" as well. We spent some time outside today, and Riley made sure to stay right near Griffin, where he could keep a watchful eye on him. Griffin thinks Riley is a hoot, and for some reason he squints his little eyes up when Riley gets close to him, and then giggles like crazy. Riley sure does love his boys.

I'm really looking forward to this coming weekend, because we are going on a little adventure. We are heading to Hood River, Oregon, to take Camden here. It is something we have always wanted to do with him, and I really cannot wait to see the look on his face when he sees the "real" Thomas the Tank Engine. The drive to Hood River sounds as though it is going to be absolutely gorgeous, the weather is suppose to be great, and there are all kinds of other great things to see in the area, too. Can't wait!


Aunt Jean said...

This picture of Griffin with Riley is SO funny, Heather. I doubled-clicked it so I could get the full effect of Griffin's reaction and of Riley's look of total adoration for his boy. Your trip to Hood River should be wonderful. You'll love the breathtaking scenery when you cross into Oregon. Camden will probably take weeks to recover from the thrill of the Thomas the Tank Engine park! Is he enjoying his new swing set from Nana and Papa?

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday to Camden! Have a great time visiting Thomas!

kirsten said...

Happy B-day to Camden! I can't believe he's four! I have another friend who is going to the Thomas thing (small world, she actually just moved to Portland OR) and it sounds like a blast! There is one coming to Maine and I would love to take the kids to it.
Great photo montage, by the way.

Joy said...

Have a wonderful safe trip to Hood River! How exciting!!!

I can't believe Camden's 4 already, either. Time is flying by and I must slow down and enjoy these little moments more - like the one of Griffin and Riley. Too cute.

Glad the Boise trip ended up okay with Steve being nearby. Sounds like me going to Costco without my Costco card... grrr. I had to go home and bag shopping for the day.

Love your blog. You do such a nice job with it!!

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