Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Movie Night

Camden and I decided to shake things up a bit tonight, and have a little slumber party in my room. We rented, "Flushed Away", put Griffin to bed, popped some popcorn, and set up the portable DVD player in my bed. Camden thought this was a great idea, to say the least. We had so much fun snuggling up. He informed me that he was going to sleep with me tonight, so when the movie was over with, I tucked him in, and I'll head to bed shortly. It isn't often that Camden and I get to share special "alone" time anymore. When I say that, I don't mean anything against poor little Griffin. It's just that Camden and I spent so much of his early life being "just the two of us" that I think sometimes we both miss having special time together. I must make more of an effort to make that happen for us.

Today was Camden's little friend Brendon's 3rd birthday, so we stopped by his house this afternoon to take a whack at Brendon's pinata.
After repeated attempts to break it open failed, we finally let the boys attack it on the ground and rip it apart. That was one tough pinata!

Earlier today, I treated myself to a new haircut and color. It is amazing what some peroxide and losing a few inches of hair can do for a girl's self esteem! I feel like a new woman. The haircut isn't exactly what I had in mind, but I really like what my hairdresser did with it. It is just the change I needed.

My mom called tonight to let me know that yesterday, she and my father attended a health fair at Bowdoin College, and after having his pulse checked at one of the little info booths, my dad was sent right to the hospital with an irregular heartbeat. He ended up staying the night, and his heartbeat corrected itself, which is great. They did all kinds of tests on him and he is fine, thank goodness. Although it distresses me to know that he was in the hospital, I'm actually glad that it happened because he has now had many tests that show his heart is fine, and that he is fine.

Must get to bed. I'm sure you are all aware that the Cherry Bake-Off is on Saturday, so I will be a busy girl these next few days!


Mum said...

Sweet boy. Soon you'll have two little boys piled in bed with you, and I can see popcorn fights going on. That's so nice you take the time to make alone time with Camden. I know he loves it, but he sure has been a trooper about sharing you with Griffin.

Joy said...

Too funny about the pinata! They needed some "big kids" there to take a wack at it! ha!

Where's the picture of your new gal hair? :)

How nice you and Camden had some time. I hear you on how things change...

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