Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Trip to the Fire Station

I had the pleasure of being a chaperon on Griffin's school field trip to our local fire station today. The fire house was close enough to the preschool that we were all able to walk over. The Chief and one of the firefighters did a wonderful job with the children and everyone had a great time.

Griffin couldn't believe that Firefighter Todd let them sit in the fire truck. When we picked Camden up from school this afternoon, Griffin told him, "Cammy, I got to sit in the fire truck, I'm serious!"

The absolute highlight for Griff was having a turn with the fire hose. I'm pretty sure all of his classmates thought that was the best part, too.

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Nicky said...

Griffin looks so full of concentration in the first photo! What a great idea for a school trip too. Glad it was such a success!

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